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Automatic Door Accessories

Access Entry has a comprehensive range of accessories for actuation and safety of both sliding and swing door operators.

Included in the range of accessories are DDA/brail plates for ingress and egress, hand and elbow plates, magic switches, mushroom egress buttons and plates and master key capable locks for a variety of applications.

Mushroom Head Push Button

The Mushroom Head Push Button is designed to fit a 44mm aluminium frame or can be placed on a Clipsal mounting block complete with stainless steel plate.

Push buttons provide a simple release mechanism for both sliding and swing doors.

Magic Switch

The Magic Switch is a deliberate contact-less microwave sensor.

Its main use is hygienic applications where the lack of contact with the sensor is required, in hospital environments, in hotels, in restaurants, in the retail and pharmaceutical industries and in logistics.

MK2 Key switch

Designed for control of automatic doors on commercial building (can be used for other applications).

The MK2 uses a unique removable cylinder enabling convenient master keying and key re-combinations. The lock cylinder also serves to lock in place a metal cover protecting the mounting screws from removal.

MK4 Key switch

The MK4 is a four position key mode switch (auto/open/exit/lock).

Like the MK2 key switch uses a unique removable cylinder enabling master keying and key combinations.

DDA Privacy Kit

Simple for users to operate and Barrier-Free convenience

The plates are manufactured to be completely barrier-free providing ease of open, close and secure, further the actuation back plates include braille to ensure ease of use for the visually impaired. With no exertion required to open or close the door AS1428.1 requirements are met. Also it meets the National Construction Code (NCC) – Access for people with a disability, NCC Braille and tactile signs and Australian Standard AS5007 power doors for pedestrian access and egress, truly makes this system barrier-free.

We provide and install automatic door operators to suit a range of door entrances.

We stock a wide range of accessories and parts to meet all your requirements. Including DDA compliant switch plates and much more. 24/7 service and repair support, 365 days a year. No job too big or too small for Access Entry.


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